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Using books as décor is an inexpensive and elegant way to decorate. If you love to read, you most likely have quite a few books lying around. Or if you’re a fan of the rustic or vintage design style, you may also be interested in incorporating older books in your decor. Here are a few project ideas.

1. Stack the books to create a side table

Find some big, sturdy books that match the vibe of your space, stack them on top of one another (use hot glue to keep them together) and use them as an end table for a plant or small trinkets. A small stack of two or three also works well on a windowsill or coffee table.

2. Find a creative bookshelf

A bookshelf in a fun shape or design will showcase your books (and personal style) nicely.

3. Take the word “book shelf” literally

Pillage for books at a local yard sale, antique shop or book shop and build floating shelves.

4. Make a book “vase”

This idea may require a bit of extra work, but is well worth it!

a) Gather a rectangular planter and book you would like to use for the project. (Hint: it is best to use a plant that is in a pot that is the same height as your book.
b) Trace the area of the planter onto the book with a pencil.
c) Take a box cutter or sharp tool and precisely cut at the lines that you have made on the pages.
d) When the chunk of the book is completely cut out, place the pot with the plant back into the space you have created for it. Voila!

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