6 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Using Boxes








1. A perfect pair

Black and white construction paper or paint can turn a couple of boxes into a pair of die, ideal for couples or siblings heading out for Halloween.

2. Get corny

Decorate a box as an old-school, red-and-white striped popcorn container and attach crumpled yellow tissue paper as the popcorn. Don’t forget to make a corny crown.

3. Hit the block(s)

Dressing as a family of Legos is easy using rectangular moving boxes, paint and paper cups for the knobs that stick out. Top it off with a small, matching box on your head.

4. Robot

Silver spray paint can turn a cardboard box into a shiny metallic torso. Visit Home Depot for the silver accordion tubes that vent the air from clothes dryers to cover your arms and legs (or add extra appendages). Accessorize with tin foil.

5. Best vintage

Enlarge a copy of your favourite boxed wine label and slap it on a moving box. You can even add a spout that dispenses real wine.

6. Real estate agent

Cut up a box to make a collection of “SOLD” signs, make sure your phone headset is securely fastened to respond to clients around the clock and you’re ready to head out as a RE/MAX agent!

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