Top Tips to Welcome Trick-or-Treaters in your Neighbourhood


As you prepare to welcome little vampires, witches —and no shortage of Pokemon Go — to your doorstep, here are a few reminders for a great night of trick-or-treating!

1. Turn on the porch light
It’s the traditional sign that your home is passing out goodies. If you choose not to partake in trick-or-treating, leaving your light off signals to families to move to the next house.

2. Stock up
Trick-or-treat traffic can vary between neighbourhoods. If you have recently moved into a neighbourhood, talk to your neighbours to unsure how many children you can expect. And purchase candy accordingly.

3. Check the time
The fun occurs most commonly between 5:00 and 7:30 pm, in the Kimberley/Cranbrook communities. 

4. Join the fun!
Create a spooky-fun atmosphere for the kids by decking out your porch with spider webs, purple twinkle lights or decorative ghosts swaying in your trees. Of course, a unique Jack O’Lantern is always a crowd pleaser.  
Be safe too!

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