5 Reason Buying a Home this Autumn or Early Winter Might Just be the Best Time to Buy


On average, nearly half of all home sales occur from May to August. Although most people wait until the hustle and bustle of the spring selling season, you’ll likely to encounter less competition during fall and winter. That means less stress and a reduced chance you’ll be involved in a bidding war. 

2. eager sellers

Sellers become more motivated the longer their home is on the market, especially now that summer rush is over. If a home has been listed for a while, it may allow buyers more room for negotiation and potentially a better deal. 

3. cheaper moving prices

You’re probably planning to hire a moving company in some capacity, whether you’re moving across town or another province.  In fall and winter, moving companies tend to be less busy, which means you might enjoy more flexible schedules and lower prices.

4. quicker transactions

Motivated sellers paired with less-busy title companies may mean a faster closing in fall and winter. Do you want a new home in time for the holiday or new year? It’s entirely possible when you house hunt now.

5. easier to outfit you home

Need a new couch, cutlery or curtains for your new home? Year-end sales are perfect for scoring a deal on these otherwise expensive items. 

Find an experienced agent with RE/MAX Caldwell Agencies, if you plan to purchase a home this fall or winter.